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CareMEDICA Elite

Medical & Lifestyle Membership

ACCEPTING Limited Number of New Patients

An exclusive patient community with direct 24/7 access to a private doctor, advanced preventative examinations, holistic benefits to boost daily wellness, and endless luxury medical amenities — welcome to the evolution of concierge medicine.

Elite Members have full access to each of our luxury clinics



Visit us in Hamden.


Visit us in Palm Beach Gardens.

Wherever You Need Us

Care is just a call or click away, no matter where you are.

Guiding you through it all


Your assigned concierge assistant will guide you through all facets of your custom medical plan so that you can worry less about healthcare and focus more on your health

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Our administrative team will be the intermediary point of contact between you and your insurance provider. We'll speak on your behalf and ensure that you are satisfied.

Scheduling Appointments

We schedule appointments in accordance with your availability. Should something come up and an appointment need to be changed, we will gladly accommodate you. 

Monitoring your Medications 

We constantly monitor your health status by keeping track of your regular medications, ordering new prescriptions, and eliminating the headaches caused by finicky pharmaceutical companies.

Connecting you with Specialists

As a member, you have access to a network of the most prestigious medical specialists in the industry. We can guarantee that you will always be in the best hands. 

We'll guide you

through everything

Your assigned concierge assistant guides you through every facet of your medical plan so that you can worry less about your healthcare and focus more on your health.


Members have unlimited access to their private care team  24/7, 365, and may schedule same-day visits with ease. 


Members receive a personal phone line with their doctor & executive clinical assistant, allowing for immediate, direct communication.


Members meet more frequently with their doctor,  ensuring that every change in health is monitored and addressed. 


Members gain access to our network of advanced specialists & providers throughout Florida, New England, and internationally.

An Elite Experience

the next step in personalized concierge care

When the CareMedica Elite program was developed, there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a part of it. Healthcare is very important to me, and I feel I get the very best there is to offer by being a member of CareMedica Elite.


I have been a patient of CareMedica for many years. When the CareMedica Elite program was offered, with personalized service, readily available appointments, and consistent follow-up, I knew this was the program for me. Everyone on staff is very caring and friendly. I love the program and the exceptional services I receive. You can't get better care than this.


We've only been with CareMedica Elite for a month and are already enjoying a sense of security and comfort from our membership.


what our members are saying


Custom Supplements

We'll work with you to create a personalized supplementation program, and then provide an annual supply of supplements to set you on the path toward total wellness.

Nutritional Counseling

Our Registered Nutritional Specialists will design a healthy eating program that improves your gut health and strengthens each of your nutritive deficiencies.

Educational Seminars

Our medical specialists invite members to attend educational seminars on topics such as Managing Diabetes,  Hypertension, Healthy Cooking, and Pain Management.

Members Events

Join our community to form bonds not only with your providers but with your fellow members as well! Mingle at holiday events,  open houses, and members-only events.

The CareMEDICA Elite Community

The highest standard

of medical attention

Private Doctor

Your private doctor attends to a limited amount of patients, meaning you have unlimited time to spend in appointments and on the phone. 

Personal Wellness

Boost your daily health with wellness amenities such as professional nutritional counseling, personalized supplementation, sleep analysis, group fitness, and more.

Custom Health Profile

Understand your body better with full metabolic examinationsbiometric testing, thorough blood panelsgenetic analysis, and insightful hormone assessments.     

Members Preference

Enjoy expedited referrals to specialists, membership-specific promotions at local businesses, and a variety of special events held for members only.

Doctor's Desk

Ready for an upgrade?

Click below to speak with a membership specialist and become a member

Building Meaningful Relationships

Our Elite Community is comprised of over 180+ patients and providers, each subscribed to an evolved model of medicine. Become part of the healthcare revolution and embrace CareMedica Elite's endless amenities, including executive clinical assistance, specialty access to a global network of Yale-affiliated specialists, members-only seminars, members-only social events, members and providers excursions, member-specific medical devices, and much more!

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