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Concierge Healthcare
for an exclusive circle of patients

Take a proactive approach to your health and discover long-term longevity––from primary care to chronic care, wellness amenities to members' events, Elite covers it all.

luxury medical clinics

CareMEDICA Elite Locations


Visit us in Hamden.


Visit us in Palm Beach Gardens.

Wherever You Need Us

Care is just a call or click away, no matter where you are.

Guiding you through it all


Your assigned concierge assistant will guide you through all facets of your custom medical plan so that you can worry less about healthcare and focus more on your health

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Our administrative team will be the intermediary point of contact between you and your insurance provider. We'll speak on your behalf and ensure that you are satisfied.

Scheduling Appointments

We schedule appointments in accordance with your availability. Should something come up and an appointment need to be changed, we will gladly accommodate you. 

Monitoring your Medications 

We constantly monitor your health status by keeping track of your regular medications, ordering new prescriptions, and eliminating the headaches caused by finicky pharmaceutical companies.

Connecting you with Specialists

As a member, you have access to a network of the most prestigious medical specialists in the industry. We can guarantee that you will always be in the best hands. 

We'll guide you

through everything

Your assigned concierge assistant guides you through every facet of your medical plan so that you can worry less about your healthcare and focus more on your health.

Unlimited Access

Enjoy immediate access to your concierge care team 24/7, 365, with same-day visits guaranteed. 

Immediate Contact

Receive a personal phone line with your concierge care team for immediate and direct contact. 

Closer Relationships

Meet more frequently with your concierge care team to monitor all of your evolving health needs. 

Elite Locations

Gain full access to our luxury medical offices throughout Florida, Connecticut, & abroad.

Membership Benefits

what does membership include?

what patients are saying

Member Testimonials

"When the CareMedica Elite program was developed, there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a part of it. Healthcare is very important to me, and I feel I get the very best there is to offer by being a member of CareMedica Elite."

Teresa C.

"I have been a patient of CareMedica for many years. When the CareMedica Elite program was offered, with personalized service, readily available appointments, and consistent follow-up, I knew this was the program for me. Everyone on staff is very caring and friendly. I love the program and the exceptional services I receive. You can't get better care than this."

Mike I.

"We've only been with CareMedica Elite for a month and are already enjoying a sense of security and comfort from our membership. It brings us calm having a physician who is always there for us, day or night."

Monica P.

Deeper health insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your body through advanced metabolic examinations, comprehensive genetic analyses, hormonal assessments, food sensitivity testing, and other specialized diagnostics rarely available in standard primary care practices.

No rush, No waiting, Not here

The typical healthcare experience is often long and tiresome, with patients waiting hours, weeks, or months for an appointment, only to be rushed through once they arrive. This leaves patients feeling unheard, misunderstood, and frustrated.


We attend to a smaller, more selective patient roster, leaving you with unlimited time and access to your provider. Take all the time you need, we are here for it all.

Meet your wellness goals

in company you can trust

Private Physician Access

With unlimited, immediate access to your concierge physician, you'll enjoy longer, more frequent visits whenever you require. 

Wellness Boosting Amenities

Accredited health & nutritional coaching, IV drip therapies, custom supplementation planning, sleep analysis, and plenty more.

Executive Clinical Concierge

Your executive concierge assistant is available to you around the clock to assist with appointment scheduling, answering questions, or providing medical counsel.

Members Only Preference

Membership extends well beyond primary care––join the community for members events, seasonal outings, health seminars, and even annual travel tours!

Doctor's Desk

Ready for an upgrade?

Click below to speak with a membership specialist and become a member


Concierge care, as it should be

At CareMEDICA Elite, we prioritize a more personal doctor-patient relationship, where your doctor is fully informed about both your medical and personal life. We are committed to offering a more compassionate and comprehensive connection, ensuring you feel confident and secure knowing your health is monitored by a professional who you trust.


Are you ready to begin your wellness journey? Reach out to a membership specialist today to schedule a personal tour and experience the comprehensive services offered at the Elite medical clinic nearest you.

Enhanced Lifestyle

Take a proactive approach to improve your quality of life by addressing key factors such as weight management, hypertension, mental health, and fitness.

Advanced Testing

From genetic telomere testing to IDEXA bone density scans, gain access to a wide array of advanced medical procedures & testing technologies.

Custom Care Plan

Create a personalized care plan tailored to your unique health biomarkers and metrics to optimize your daily health and achieve better outcomes.

Global CareMEDICA Elite Network

CareMEDICA Elite maintains long-standing relationships with the world’s leading specialists and medical institutions. Members enjoy priority access to our international network of top physicians and specialists, ensuring they receive the best medical expertise anytime, anywhere

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