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Invest in your health.

Embrace Concierge Care.

Your own private physician, available around the clock.

Offices now open in New England & Florida.


Our Locations


Visit us in Hamden.


Visit us in Palm Beach Gardens.

Wherever You Need Us

Care is just a call or click away, no matter where you are.

Guiding you through everything


Your assigned concierge assistant will guide you through all facets of your custom medical plan so that you can worry less about healthcare and focus more on your health

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Our administrative team will be the intermediary point of contact between you and your insurance provider. We'll speak on your behalf and ensure that you are satisfied.

Scheduling Appointments

We schedule appointments in accordance with your availability. Should something come up and an appointment need to be changed, we will gladly accommodate you. 

Monitoring your Medications 

We constantly monitor your health status by keeping track of your regular medications, ordering new prescriptions, and eliminating the headaches caused by finicky pharmaceutical companies.

Connecting you with Specialists

As a member, you have access to a network of the most prestigious medical specialists in the industry. We can guarantee that you will always be in the best hands. 

We'll guide you

through everything

Your assigned concierge assistant guides you through every facet of your medical plan so that you can worry less about your healthcare and focus more on your health.

Private Physicians

Patients are matched with a concierge physician who monitors and regulates their daily health and wellness. 

24/7 Access

Patients are given a direct line of personal contact with their physician and can reach out whenever they need to.

Longer Visits

Patients may spend as much time as they'd like during appointments to communicate and ask all of their questions.

Same-day Appointments

Patients can easily make same-day/next-day appointments without ever worrying about whether they will be seen.

The Elite Experience


When the CareMedica Elite program was developed, there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a part of it. Healthcare is very important to me, and I feel I get the very best there is to offer by being a member of CareMedica Elite.


I have been a patient of CareMedica for many years. When the CareMedica Elite program was offered, with personalized service, readily available appointments, and consistent follow-up, I knew this was the program for me. Everyone on staff is very caring and friendly. I love the program and the exceptional services I receive. You can't get better care than this.


We've only been with CareMedica Elite for a month and are already enjoying a sense of security and comfort from our membership.



Elite Patient Reviews

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The healthcare you deserve

Health Coaching

Enjoy a consultation with one of our fitness experts and design a plan for healthier living through fitness coaching and habit modification. 

Nutritional Coaching

Meet with a nutritional specialist to create a custom nutritional plan. We'll help you stay on track as you reach for your body weight goals.

Online Webinars

Watch live video webinars held by our very own staff from the comfort of your home. Topics include Managing Diabetes, Living with Hypertension, Pain Management, and COVID-19

Networking Events

Take advantage of our regularly held CareMedica Elite social events. Learn to cook tasty, healthy meals with a chef, or enjoy a group lecture on culture around the world!

The CareMEDICA Elite Community

The CareMEDICA Elite Community

Why Choose
CareMEDICA Elite?


Our Physicians and medical Specialists have dedicated themselves entirely to their patients. Their daily commitment is as unbelievable as it is unmatched

Total Wellness

Receive care outside of the office as well. We provide wellness opportunities such as group fitnessnutritional coaching, and member events.

Constant Connection

Patients can reach us during off-hours, weekends, and even holidays. No patient with CareMedica Elite ever waits to be seen or heard from.

V.I.P Preference 

Our patients are treated with special preference and are given exclusive access to the country's finest medical specialists, testing equipment, and procedures.

Building meaningful relationships

Doctors are best equipped to care for their patients when communication is honest and open. This type of communication can only be established through a genuine, trusting relationship. We place the highest priority on building meaningful relationships and make sure you feel completely heard. From your physical health to your mental health, in each delightful and difficult moment, we'll be with you through it all. 

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