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Frequently Asked Questions


you have questions, we have answers

CareMEDICA Elite is an exclusive membership program designed to deliver world-class medical and lifestyle services to its members. With extended and relaxed face-to face doctor interaction, advanced testing, virtual visits, and much more, CareMedica Elite's members enjoy unmatched convenience, exceptional flexibility, and all the resources required to achieve optimal health and a fulfilling life.

What exactly is CareMedica Elite?

In stark contrast to standard medicine, CareMedica Elite promotes and creates a strongly proactive and totally patient-engaging experience. Its expert, board-certified physicians and their highly-skilled clinical coordination executive team are able to focus on the needs of their patients, becoming trusted partners for all of your health and wellness needs. Patients that wish to enroll in the program and be under our care will subscribe to the membership for a monthly or annual fee; this fee is in addition to regular insurance coverage.

How does the CareMedica Elite Membership Program work?

Absolutely not! The CareMEDICA Elite Program is highly personalized and tailored to each member’s unique needs and desires; no two CareMEDICA Elite Programs are similar. You will find that all of our services, initiatives and products are customized to fit your specific health and lifestyle goals, whether you are younger, older, or somewhere in the middle!

Am I too young/too old to benefit from this Program?

We are absolutely confident that you will find our Program greatly beneficial and invaluable. You can try the service without any long-term commitment; minimum enrollment for CareMedica Elite is 6 months of membership. Given the demand, we encourage you to sign up now!

What if, after signing up for the membership, I change my mind?

Your doctor will have on-call coverage with other CareMedica Elite physicians, so that if an urgent need arises, you’ll still receive quality care. 

What happens when my doctor is away?
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