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Visit our office in Hamden, CT.

Where To Find Us

  • Exclusive Parking: Our spacious parking lot provides members with two private, personal parking spots.

  • When You Come In: The practice's entrance, which is designated for members and staff only, leads you in to our enhanced, luxury office. Upon entering, you are immediately greeted by members of our friendly administrative team, who will promptly handle any and all administrative tasks for you.

  • Be Seen Immediately: Your physician will be ready to see you as soon as you arrive, ensuring that there are no wait times or delays. Though you never have to wait, we still encourage you to enjoy our contemporary waiting area, where you can take a seat and indulge in a coffee, tea, snack, or bottled drink. Remember, our office is your home away from home—treat it as such!



2200 Whitney Ave. Suite 101

Hamden, CT 06518

Your Home Practice

Our Hamden location has established itself as the leading provider of concierge medicine within the area.

Our Services

CareMEDICA Elite provides luxury benefits and exclusive services not offered by standard healthcare providers.

Members gain priority access to our network of expert specialists throughout New England, Florida, and the Country—we handle specialist referrals for you and guarantee accelerated access to appointments. 

Network Of Expert Specialists

Members have constant, 24/7 telephone access with our team of clinical coordinators, as well as an exclusive email address for non-urgent inquiries, where they can directly reach their physician via email. 

Constant Connection

Members scheduling appointments have the option to be seen on a same-day or next-day basis, and are guaranteed zero wait time when arriving in-office.  

Same Day & Next Day Appointments

Our physicians are devoted to an exclusive number of patients, allowing them more time to spend with you—at least thirty minutes are allotted for each visit, regardless of medical necessity. 

Reliable Physician Availability

When members can’t make it in to the office, our physicians are available for tele-visits, and handle each tele-visit with the same level of dedicated care as if the visit were in-office—scheduling a tele-visit is made simple through our online members-portal. 

Virtual Visit Accessibility

Our Hamden Practice operates as an urgent care office on Saturday mornings.  Members are guaranteed priority access and reduced waiting times at the Urgent Care Center.

Preferred Treatment at Urgent Care Center

Each member is assigned a dedicated concierge representative who will assist them with all administrative aspects of the practice, such as seamlessly handling referrals, scheduling appointments and specialist consultations, and expediting prior authorizations approval for new medications and procedures. 

Concierge Convenience

Memebers are given special access to a personal patient portal, where they can book appointments from their computer/smartphone, access health records, and join tele-visits.

Easy To Use Patient Portal

An annual Comprehensive Executive Examination includes an in-depth collection and review of members’ medical history, health and fitness to create a personalized care plan. 

Executive Physical Examination

A nutritional assessment establishes a Nutritional Baseline; Nutritional counseling then provides recommendations and advice on how best to attain and maintain nutritional goals.

Nutritional Assessment & Coaching

Personalized consultations with a health coach addresses a patient's health status and tailors a custom plan for health optimization—includes fitness advising, mental health counseling, and habit modification. 

Extensive Health Coaching

Members are provided with a complimentary year's supply of customized vitamins and supplements from our line of AmericanMEDICA products, made solely in the USA. Members also receive an exclusive discount on all AmericanMEDICA and WeightMEDICA products.

Specialty Supplements
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