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  • Michael A. Ruotolo

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

When patients enroll in a concierge medical plan, they are singing up for a tier of heightened care which far exceeds the limitations of traditional medical practices. The exclusivity of concierge care allows patients to have their health needs catered to with the utmost immediacy, urgency, and special preference. Below are just some of the many benefits included within a concierge medical membership:

No more wait times

A 2022 Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times published by Merritt Hawkins found that the average patient waits 26 days to schedule an appointment with their physician. Furthermore, when these patients finally are seen, they often receive a diminished, rushed level of care, due to their physician’s busy, overbooked schedule. An overwhelming majority of physicians deal with high patient loads, which renders them unable to provide adequate of time and effort to their patients. However, with concierge medicine, this is not the case.

Patients enrolled with CareMEDICA Elite Concierge Care secure direct access to their very own personal physician; direct access meaning guaranteed 24/7 phone, email, and tele-health connection, as well as same-day appointment availability. No matter the day, time, or circumstance, your personal physician promises immediate care and zero delays. You can't predict when you'll require the assistance of a physician, but with CareMEDICA Elite, you are covered whenever that happens to be.

Health Monitoring & Regulation

Concierge medical services treat patients not just when they are sick or require a physical examination, but at all times, making your health is a daily focus. Your personal physician will monitor and regulate your full health status, keeping an eye on a wide variety of factors, such as: cardiovascular fitness, physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, etc...

Direct Connection

CareMEDICA Elite offers a unique opportunity for patients to communicate with their physician in a non-traditional manner, even during non-traditional hours. Members can directly reach their concierge physician via personal phone numbers, personal emails, and 24/7 tele-health services.

You can reach your personal physician at all times, from any location, whether you are on vacation and have an unexpected health emergency or are sick in bed and are unable to make it to the office. Your concierge physician is always reachable, always available, and will never fail to answer your questions, offer you solutions, and guide you toward total health optimization.

Closer Relationships w/ Doctors

Concierge physicians dedicate themselves to a far lesser patient load, therefore enabling themselves to allot significantly more time to their select few patients. As a member of CareMEDICA Elite, you belong to that exclusive roster of preferred patients, meaning you are able to spend more time with your doctor, ask more questions, and receive an overall higher level of medical attention.

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