Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance.

Don’t wait until you're sick to take control of your health. Let CareMedica Elite keep you healthy. Avoid quick, impersonal visits that leave you asking more questions than when you arrived. You deserve more. You deserve time!

Focused on what keeps you healthy, our membership-based primary care model gives you the tools you need to reach your health goals. If you are searching for a remarkable healthcare experience you have come to the right practice. Long appointment times, advanced testing and virtual visits give our patients the flexibility and the resources they deserve on their journey to optimal health. Your membership includes:


You will have a dedicated representative of the Practice available to You to assist You with administrative aspects of the Practice such as handling referrals and scheduling appointments with specialists, expediting appointments, and for tests and specialist consultations.

24/7 Physician Availability

Direct telephone access to the Concierge through CareMedica Elite’s exclusive Healthcare Provider Response Center. The Response Center will be staffed on a twenty-four hour per day, seven day per week basis and serve as a direct link between You and our dedicated team of healthcare providers.

Executive Physical Examination

As a CareMedica Elite member, you will receive an annual Comprehensive Executive Examination and Evaluation at no charge regardless of medical necessity, which shall be performed by your physician and will include an in-depth collection and review of your medical history, a health, nutritional, fitness and wellness/lifestyle assessment and various screening tests.

E-Mail Access

You will be given a special e-mail address for Membership Program patients to which non-urgent communications can be addressed by your physician or an administrative or clinical assistant in a timely manner designed to meet your healthcare needs.

Special Membership Patient Website Portal

As a Membership Program patient, You will be given access to a special portal on our website and will receive a tutorial on using that portal and other features of our website.

Same Day/Next Day No Wait Appointments

Every reasonable effort will be made to schedule an appointment with Your physician on the following normal office day if a same day appointment cannot be accommodated. All appointments will be scheduled to avoid wait times.

Extended Appointments

Your physician will schedule 30 minutes for each appointment with You, regardless of medical necessity, whenever you have an appointment at the Membership Office.

Enhanced Office Visit Experience

As a Membership Program patient, You will have a private entrance to the Practice’s office and a well-appointed waiting area, as well as preferred parking at the Practice’s office.

Preferred Treatment at Urgent Care Center

The Practice operates an urgent care office on Saturday mornings in North Haven that will be made accessible to concierge patients to handle acute problems. Membership Program patients will be guaranteed reduced waiting time at the Care MEDICA Urgent Care Center


Below is pricing for individuals for each level:

Blue Gold Platinum
Price Per Year
Price Per Year $1,800 $2,800 $4,800


You will receive preferred pricing on AmericanMEDICA vitamins, supplements and other health care products, as well as valuable discounts for our LaserMedica and WeightMedica program services.

Experience the difference of Personalized Medicine. Call us today at (203) 672-0780 to get started!