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Personalized medicine
made just for you

This is so much more than your average concierge physician... Embrace unlimited physician communication, advanced preventative testing, daily lifestyle management, and an executive medical assistant, because you deserve the finest in medical concierge.

The Elite Membership

Exceptional Care, Extraordinary Service

CareMedica Elite is Concierge Medicine 3.0, a brand new and highly sophisticated, executive health and lifestyle membership service dedicated exclusively to the few discerning individuals who are committed to living their best lives—find the resolution you've been searching for and depend on concierge providers who are prepared to give their all to you!

Caring for patients
Caring about patients

Our providers attend to a small panel size of patients, allowing them more time to spend with you. We promise to always be here for you, whenever you need a question answered or concern addressed. Through all of your delightful and difficult moments, we will be here with you through it all. 

Here for you

the moment you need it

Our providers work around your schedule, and never the other way around. Whether you are seeking a same-day visit, must be taken care of over the weekend, or would prefer a tele-visit from home, we constantly make ourselves available to you. 

Wellness begins

with healthy habits

CareMEDICA Elite is not only extraordinary health care but also a commitment to an extraordinary lifestyle. We place a heightened focus on the quality and longevity of your life by nourishing your nutritional health, cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and by taking preventative measures against chronic illness. 

Our Story

After caring for more than 25,000 patients in the Northeast, Dr. Fausto Petruzziello, M.D. founded CareMEDICA Elite, an innovative, personalized medicine model designed to deliver an exceptional level of attention and service. Our physicians at CareMEDICA Elite dedicate themselves only to an exclusive amount of patients, allowing them more time to spend with each. Since the program was created, hundreds of patients have been introduced to the world of luxury medicine. We promise that our program at CareMEDICA Elite will far exceed all of your expectations. As a member, you'll receive access to medical services and benefits that are simply not possible at standard medical practices.

More Personal 

You're much more than flesh and bone. At CareMEDICA, we’re here to support all of you, from day-to-day wellness and preventive health care to life-saving diagnostic services and innovative medical treatments in cardiac care, bone health, weight management, and more. You and your concierge physician will communicate regularly to monitor and regulate your daily health status, ensuring that you are always as healthy as you can be. 

More Convenient

Gone are the days of struggling to make an appointment or waiting in a lobby. At CareMedica Elite, we make ourselves available whenever you need us to be. Our schedules revolve around your needs & your availability. You won't be asking us if we have any availability, we'll be asking you what times work best. 


More Advanced

Standard primary care practices take a defensive approach to healthcare and merely treat illnesses after diagnosis. At CareMedica Elite, we take an offensive approach to healthcare, promoting regular screenings, testing, and preventive health measures such as diet and proper medication. We will provide you with all the resources needed to live a life of longevity. 

There's a reason why patients throughout New England and Florida have revered CareMEDICA Elite as the leading provider of concierge healthcare services. Choosing CareMedica Elite is not only a commitment to extraordinary healthcare but to an extraordinary lifestyle. Join the community and embrace the very best in medicine.

Curating a care plan that's tailored for you. That is the CareMedica Elite difference.

Membership Benefits  




Need to contact your doctor during weekends, late at night, or while you're away? Our advanced Electronic Medical Record system provides members convenient access to telemedicine services, enabling direct communication with your healthcare provider, whenever or wherever!

Doctor's Desk

Ready for an upgrade?

speak with a membership specialist and become an Elite Member today

Elite Members receive care in specialized, upscale medical environments crafted for ultimate elegance, featuring expansive lounges, well-stocked refreshments, and modern examination rooms designed to elevate the overall patient experience. Within these spaces, members enjoy a superior level of comfort and sophistication during their healthcare interactions.

Stress-free Environment with Upscale Lounge and State-of-the-art Executive Medical Office

Elite Members enjoy exclusive discounts at local businesses, seamlessly joining a diverse community of health-focused individuals. Witness the extensive network of businesses that trust CareMEDICA Elite as their premier healthcare provider.

Membership Card with dedicated Elite discounts for local restaurants, gyms, fitness and other health-related businesses

Elite Members enjoy a dedicated line of communication with their concierge care team, ensuring access to round-the-clock care. Our commitment is unwavering – we pledge to promptly respond to calls, address inquiries, and be a constant support whenever needed.

24/7 access to your personal liaison, care team and to your physician via text, phone, email, and/or video

Elite Members have the privilege of immediate, same-day appointments for any last-minute healthcare requirements. Our providers ensure round-the-clock availability, ready to offer care whenever you need it most.

Same-day appointments

Elite Members enjoy exclusive access to a cutting-edge Electronic Medical Record seamlessly integrated with telemedicine services. This ensures convenient access to health data and facilitates communication with or virtual visits to their doctor at any time and from any location.

Advanced Electronic Medical Record with incorporated telemedicine services

Our dedicated IT team ensures Elite Members receive an exclusive, fully tailored medical-IT package inclusive of setup and continuous support, assuring a seamless and perpetually optimized technical experience for your needs. With personalized attention and ongoing assistance, we guarantee your technical capabilities remain robust and reliable.

Personalized medical-IT package with setup and support

Elite Members relish extended, unrushed appointments with prompt access. When visiting, they are promptly seen by their concierge provider, ensuring thorough and attentive care, regardless of the time required.

Longer appointments with no rush or waiting

Our dedicated concierge coordinators tirelessly ensure that Elite Members receive prompt, same-day appointments whenever they require immediate attention. Immediate access is guaranteed, providing Elite Members with timely care tailored to their needs.

Guaranteed same-day medical attention

Elite Members undergo a comprehensive Executive Examination, encompassing aspects beyond standard health insurance coverage. The insights derived from this examination guide the implementation of tailored preventative health measures, minimizing the potential for long-term chronic illness risks.

Advanced Executive Examination—includes many items not covered by health insurance

Elite Members enjoy direct and personalized communication with a highly trained clinical executive assistant. This dedicated assistant efficiently coordinates and manages all aspects of their healthcare needs, encompassing billing, scheduling, verification, and much more.

Highly trained clinical executive assistant who coordinates all your healthcare needs

Elite Members benefit from advanced emergency and acute care coordination, available both nationally and internationally, ensuring immediate access to the required care wherever they are. This comprehensive service ensures that members are never far from receiving the essential care they need at the moment it is required.

Advanced emergency and acute care coordination, national and International

Elite Members receive a tailored health report and comprehensive body analysis, enhancing their understanding of individual health metrics. Armed with this knowledge, members gain a profound understanding of their bodies, enabling effective health risk avoidance and preventive measures.

Personalized health report & body analysis

Elite members enjoy exclusive access to cutting-edge technology for comprehensive testing in longevity, cardiovascular health, cognition, metabolism, and functionality. This privileged access empowers both members and their concierge providers to proactively implement preventive measures and tailor lifestyle habits for optimal health.

Advanced technology-powered longevity, cardiovascular, cognitive, metabolic and functional testing

Elite Members undergo a comprehensive hormone assessment and optimization consultation, establishing baseline hormone levels and determining the need for stabilization methods. CareMEDICA Elite facilitates direct access to specialized hormone replacement experts, ensuring personalized and expert-driven hormonal care.

Hormone assessment and optimization consultation

Elite Members requiring referrals benefit from privileged, expedited access to both our extensive local specialist network and the global network of Yale-affiliated medical specialists at CareMEDICA Elite. This ensures members receive prompt attention with accelerated access to appointments whenever needed.

Expedited referral to local specialists & global network of Yale-affiliated medical specialists with accelerated access/appointments

Elite Members receive expert Nutrition Consultations and Ongoing Support while crafting personalized nutritional plans in collaboration with our nutrition professionals. Following a thorough medical analysis, our professionals offer personalized recommendations for nutrition and supplement regimens. 

Professional Nutrition Consultation and Ongoing Support

Elite Members are provided with an annual provision of high-quality medical-grade vitamins and supplements tailored to address their individual nutritional needs and deficiencies. This personalized approach ensures that members receive targeted support to enhance their overall well-being.

Yearly supply of medical grade vitamins & supplements

Elite Members are extended exclusive invitations to private retreats and festive gatherings, fostering regular gatherings where the elite community convenes to engage in discussions on health topics and socialize. These events provide an intimate platform for elite individuals to connect and exchange insights in a luxurious setting.

Private invitation to exclusive retreats and holiday gatherings

Elite Providers conduct educational webinars and in-office seminars covering diverse health-related subjects, encompassing topics such as diabetes management, cardiovascular health, COVID-19, and the advantages of adopting a nutritious diet. These sessions offer valuable insights into health and well-being, enhancing awareness among participants.

Educational webinars and in-office seminars on health related topics

Elite Members receive personalized, medically relevant gifts and specialized devices tailored to address their specific health requirements. These exclusive offerings aim to enhance and support the unique health needs of each Elite Member.

Medically relevant, membership specific gifts and devices
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